Biology Evening Course (AQA)

Early application is recommended.

If you want to study AS and/or A-Level  Biology but can’t spare the time during the day then we might have a course for you.  We provide a course of 2 (AS) or 4 (A-Level) hours per week (6:30pm – 8:30pm) over  18 weeks –  usually 8 weeks in the Autumn term,  7 weeks in the Spring term  and 3 weeks in the Summer term.

Taught by very experienced tutors, the course covers the essentials  of the AQA AS or A-level Biology (2015) specification and will include key practical elements. The tutorials will be an opportunity for you to discuss your particular difficulties.

A full Biology A-level consists of three written units and a practical endorsement (please note that while practical endorsements are not a requirement in achieving a full A-level Science qualification, many universities/medical courses will not accept students without an endorsement – please check with your chosen institution before registering).

Written exams cost £300 (although late fees will apply after the college’s registration deadline mid-December).

Practical exams cost £1000 and will take 10-12 weeks to complete. During this time candidates will be required to attend the college for a three-hour regularly timetabled session each week.


Fees (2016/17)

Option Tuition Written Exams Practical Exams Total
AS Exams £175 £175
A-Level Exams £350 £1000 £1300
AS Evening Tuition + Exams £600 £175 £775
AS+A2 Evening Tuition + Exams £1080 £300 £1000 £2380

Tuition fees are payable strictly in advance and are non-refundable unless the course is under-subscribed (fewer than four students register), when a full refund will be given.  We offer a 10% discount on theory tuition if you register for the full A-level. 

To book please go to telephone 020 7937 0032 or email  Once you have completed and returned the registration form, you can pay by card (preferred) or cash.

Fees for the practical assessment course are payable by 1st December 2016.

Please note that no further discount or fees concessions are offered.

Students are responsible for purchase of textbooks, stationery etc.

Minimum tuition course number is four students – maximum number is 12.

If a student misses a session(s) alternative arrangements to cover missed work cannot usually be made although an outline of what has been missed will be given.

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