Exams offered

Which exams can I register for as a private (external/independent) candidate? 

Campbell Harris is a registered examination centre with all examination boards (except CIE) and offers a full range of examination services for most GCSE, IGCSE (Edexcel or AQA) and GCE (AS/A2/ “A Level”) qualifications. You can register for exams with AQA, Edexcel, OCR, or WJEC boards. We offer facilities for private candidates to sit exams in the November (GCSE Maths/English re-sit), January (IGCSE) and May/June exam sessions. You can register with us to take an exam for the first time or for resits. In addition to GCSE/IGCSE/A Level exams, we offer AEA and STEP Maths exams as well as a range of University entrance exams (BMAT, TSA, ELAT, HAT, MAT, PAT, OLAT, MLAT). 

Can I be entered for the coursework option, if I am a private candidate? 

We can sometimes accommodate private candidates wanting to submit coursework. There are strict rules, however, about the authentication/verification of coursework, so candidates usually need to be registered as an internal student and complete the coursework under our supervision.

Can private candidates take practical examinations/assessments at your exam centre? 

Outgoing (2008) specification: We offer separate AS/A2 coursework (internal practical assessment) courses for Biology, Chemistry and Physics for the Edexcel & AQA specifications. We usually run AS/A2 Chemistry and Physics courses during March/April. For Biology, the course usually runs for a few hours a week from end of January to May. Individual /small group tuition may be possible for completing Biology coursework for other boards’ specifications – please enquire (admin@campbellharris.co.uk).  Please note that the examination boards do not offer written alternatives to these coursework /practical units to UK schools.  Fees apply and there is limited availability -please refer to the External Science Practical Assessment page of our website and then contact us for further details –admin@campbellharris.co.uk

New (2015) specification: From September 2016, A Level science candidates will have to do at least 12 practical assessments.  These will be marked internally and externally moderated by the Board.  The assessments do not contribute any marks to the final examination but a Pass will be endorsed on the certificate.  It is possible to sit the examinations without doing the assessments (but note that 15% of the marks in the written papers will be based on these practicals).  Moreover, the vast majority of university courses require students to have done (and passed) the practical endorsement.

Can private candidates take oral exams in Modern Languages at your exam centre?  

We offer oral exams at IGCSE level with Edexcel in French, German and Spanish . We offer oral exams at AS / A2 level with Edexcel in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Please note that we can only offer GCSE Languages without oral examinations. We may be able to run oral exams with other boards (e.g. AQA AS Level) – please enquire (caleb.smith@campbellharris.co.uk)

Do you offer advice and support to external candidates?  

We offer one-to-one tuition in a range of subjects, as well as full time and part time studies. Special discounts apply for those registering for our Easter Revision courses. Students of any age are welcome.  

Distance learning organisations such as Open Oxford Learning (www.ool.co.uk), The National Extension College (www.nec.ac.uk)  and  Wolsey Hall (www.wolseyhalloxford.org.uk) offer a wide range of GCSE, IGCSE, and GCE (AS/A2) courses for home study. 

Private candidates need to ensure that they fully understand the specification requirements and format of the examinations. Details can be found on the boards’ websites.

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