Thank you both so much for everything you have done for Zach this last year. It has been a complete turn around for him and Zach has really enjoyed his time at Campbell Harris.

Tania and Vas Antoniou

The atmosphere at Campbell Harris made it very easy to study and everyone in the class was keen to achieve good results.

Raymond Wong (A Level Science student)

I really appreciate all your hard work and, most of all, your belief in my ability.

Gillian Frost (A Level Arts student)

Alister really enjoyed his 2 years at Campbell Harris. It was the only time of his entire secondary education he enjoyed and loved going into school. This is mainly due to the loving and caring environment Campbell Harris has.

Sharmila Chowdhury (parent)

I am glad of this opportunity to thank you for your sterling work in getting Dan to achieve a B. It is a hugely important thing you have done. Dan has a place at Surrey to study Chemistry. He starts next September on the 4 year MChem degree. Well done, both to you and all of the others who have worked to create such a supportive environment.

Richard (parent)

I would just like to thank you all for teaching me so well and actually making the lessons interesting and enjoyable.

David Meyerson (GCSE student)

I can honestly say that I really enjoyed my time at Campbell Harris because it was completely unlike school as learning was fun, not forced.

Tamzin Jester (A Level student)

I can't thank you both and all the crew enough who helped in making Tasha's results a success, a smashing one for him. He's so delighted.

Mrs Tashoon (parent)

You opened Catherine's eyes to all sorts of things, made her work and best of all restored her love of the subject – she came home every day bubbling over with it all.

Aunt of Catherine Davis

Campbell Harris Private college