The AS level is a qualification in its own right, with examinations traditionally taken after one year of study. For some subjects a good GCSE pass is a prerequisite for AS study, but it is not always necessary to have prior knowledge of the subject. An AS is equivalent to half an A-level qualification, but in new specifications no longer contributes to the final A-level grade.

A-level specifications are changing. From the Summer of 2017, many A-level exams will be Linear, i.e. all required papers must be taken in one exam season. Typically there will be three papers, totalling around six hours of exams.

In most subjects, an AS qualification will still be offered. Like the A-level, this qualification is Linear and does not contribute any marks to the A-level qualification.

Our research shows that most university Admissions Tutors will expect students to offer three full A-level qualifications. They will probably take into account any AS qualifications, but these will generally not be required.

From September 2016, A-Level Science candidates will have to do at least 12 practical assessments.These will be marked internally and externally moderated by the exam board. The assessments do not contribute any marks to the final examination, but a ‘Pass’ will be endorsed on the certificate. It is possible to sit the examinations without doing the assessments (but note that 15% of the marks in the written papers will be based on these practicals). Moreover, the vast majority of university courses require students to have done (and passed) the practical endorsement.

Although any combination of subjects can be studied, some degree courses may require specific areas of expertise. Campbell Harris can advise students on the best routes for particular university and career paths.

At Campbell Harris, we believe in offering a wide variety of courses and arrange the timetabling such that a student can take any combination. This enables students to select the courses which match their strengths and interests. Additionally, because there is more variety of A-Level courses, students can take a subject which they might not previously have considered. We will always try to run a course, provided that we have a minimum of 2 students requiring it. For students arriving with partial progress, we can usually accommodate their particular exam board syllabus, although this may require individual tuition.



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“Just a very quick email to thank you all so much for your help with getting Rosie through her A levels – she’s got in to Sussex and she’s really pleased, and there were times this year when we thought that this was not going to work out! So we really appreciate your help & support.” – Ann H

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