GCSEs provide the foundation for future pre-university courses. These examinations are taken by all UK students and generally mark the end of compulsory school education. Students are expected to gain a minimum of 5 GCSE passes (grade 4 or above) including Maths and English, which are seen as core subjects, to progress on to  A-level programmes. IGCSEs are also available.

Campbell Harris will provide you with a personalised programme, comprising any number of subjects: perhaps there is just one you have still not passed, or you wish to study the basic minimum set of 5, or you wish to take the full programme of eight. If you are only taking a few GCSEs, these can be combined with the first year of one or more A-level courses. Some GCSE courses offer a November resit, while A-level courses can be picked up in January, giving you flexibility to suit your needs.

A wide variety of GCSE courses are offered at Campbell Harris. In many ways the GCSE students represent the heart of the college. Based here throughout the day, they benefit enormously from the kind of personal attention we are able to give them. Academic standards are high and we make sure each student is performing to their ability. There are regular timed assignments and, where required, supervised study slots to catch up with any homework backlog – many younger students find it a liberating experience after perhaps coming from a much larger school.

There is ample opportunity to make use of the college location in Central London for regular cultural visits and trips. Close liaison is maintained with parents to ensure personal and academic progress are both going well.


A few students join the college to spend at least one year preparing for the GCSE year. We also accept students at this age who may need extra tuition to support their school work elsewhere. Although slightly younger than GCSE students, they tend to fit in very well and indeed students are generally very supportive of each other.

GCSE Subjects available


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