Letter to Campbell Harris Private Candidates


Dear exam candidate,

I hope you are managing OK given the difficult times we are all dealing with.

Following the publication of their consultation document on 15th April (here), we are going to be contacting OFQUAL urgently to make representations on behalf of external exam candidates who have registered for exams with us in the May/June 2020 session.

You can also make your own views known by following the link on Page 13 (the deadline is 29th April). We would strongly encourage you to do so, particularly if you have a University place dependent on your grades this summer.

The section referring to the proposed process for issuing results to Private Candidates is on Pages 23-25.

That section gives some useful updates about the proposed process but, unfortunately, may also mean there will be a negative impact on a significant proportion of the students that we were hoping to issue a grade for this summer.

Specifically, we were intending to implement a process by which we would be able to issue grades to external students if their tutors were able to provide extensive authenticated evidence to support the grades that they submitted to us (which we would then be able to evaluate). The proposals do not say whether that will be possible – only that they do not yet know whether it will be, and that we should receive guidance by 30th April. The relevant section on Page 24 states:

“Exam boards are exploring with us whether it might be possible for some centres, such as those with particular experience of working with distance learners, to work with those private candidates who need a grade this summer in order to progress. The centre might be able to submit centre assessment grades and a rank order for those candidates, even though there is no existing relationship between the centre and the candidate by considering a range of evidence about their likely attainment. The Head of Centre would need to be able to submit a declaration for such judgements in the same form as required for all other students. We do not yet know whether this will be possible, and this will in part depend on the public health situation and the number of students who might wish to engage with centres in this way. The exam boards will continue to work with us to explore all options for how such a process could work and will provide an update on this no later than 30th April”

For those students for whom we are unable to submit a grade this summer, we will have no option but to move their exam entries to the Autumn session (which has not yet been scheduled) or to the May/June 2021 session if preferred (or January 2021 for some IGCSEs if offered in that session).

We hope to be able to provide you with an update as soon as we have received further clarification from OFQUAL and the exam boards.

We wish you and your loved ones well during this unprecedented time.

Best Regards,

Mark Harris
Head of Centre


Campbell Harris Private college