Update for Campbell Harris Private Candidates - 4th May - Following Ofqual and JCQ guidance

Dear exam candidate,

I hope you are doing OK during this difficult time, made even more stressful by the uncertainty following the cancellation of the May/June 2020 exam session.

Following the publication of Ofqual and JCQ guidance yesterday (links below), I’m writing to you to summarise the current situation for external students.

As detailed in the email we sent out recently, following the recent publication of their consultation document (15th April), we wrote to Ofqual to propose a process that would allow us to submit grades for external students if their tutors were able to provide extensive supportive evidence. Our proposal was that tutors could provide predicted grades on an authentication form (as well as upload the required evidence) whilst students would provide details of their previous grades for recent exams (as well as supplying scans of their certificates etc.).

Unfortunately, the Ofqual and JCQ guidance does not permit us to follow that route and makes it clear that the only way we will be able to submit grades for external students for the May/June 2020 session is if we make our own assessments.


As a private candidate registered with us to sit exams in the summer 2020 session, you will now fall into one of four categories:


  1. For a few students that have already spent time with our tutors, this will be relatively straightforward. Students that have been completing their NEA (coursework) under our supervision, or who have been doing an A Level Science practical course, or receiving private lessons at Campbell Harris, may be able to receive a grade but will probably require additional assessments over the next month. If you are one of these students, we will contact you very soon if we have not already done so. Depending on the circumstances under which we have been tutoring you, this may incur a fee.
  2. If you have not been tutored by us, but have been taught at another registered centre (that is able to enter you for the exams you are currently registered for with us), you should contact them urgently to see if they would be willing to make those entries for you and submit a grade for you. If they agree to do so, you must contact our exams officer (caleb.smith@campbellharris.co.uk) by 8th May at the latest to request that we remove your exam entries with us.
  3. For other students who have been tutored by a distance learning organisation, you should contact them urgently to see whether they are a registered centre that will, therefore, be able to submit a grade for you directly to the exam board. If they need us to remove any exam entries, you must contact our exams officer (caleb.smith@campbellharris.co.uk) by 8th May at the latest to request that we do so.
  4. If you are a student at a tutoring organisation that we have a relationship with, and who can provide assessment evidence which allows us to be highly confident in their grade prediction(s), we may be able to submit the grade(s) (subject to the Head of Centre’s assessment and approval).
  5. The majority of external candidate registered for exams with us will have been studying independently so will not fall into any of the three student categories outlined above.


Given the Ofqual and JCQ guidance, for us to be able to submit grades for these students for the May/June 2020 session, our only option is to assess them during online sessions:

A Level (not AS)

Although we intend to offer some online sessions, these will be available to relatively few students and will only benefit those who are already very well prepared to take exams e.g. resit students. The sessions will be intensive, assessment-based examinations by our tutor in the relevant subject. This will be charged at £700 to cover the assessments, marking & administration.

Students who want to take this assessment route (which is now the only way you can still choose “Option 1 – stay registered” from our recent email) will need to:

i) Immediately email us to request online assessment (and by 8th May at the latest) with full details of your name, exam subject, board, and level (assessment@campbellharris.co.uk)
ii) Urgently email us (by 8th May at the latest) to request “Option 1 – stay registered” (caleb.smith@campbellharris.co.uk) if you have not already done so.
iii) Ask their tutors to complete the authentication form (link below) and to upload supportive evidence (as outlined on that form). Although we cannot consider their grade predictions as such, we will need to be able to contact them and may be able to refer to the work they submit when making our own assessment of the student. Although students can upload their own work, it is not admissible as it is (but may also be useful in guiding our own assessments). Students wishing to supply this documentation will also need to complete the “signed student declaration” as outlined in the “centre validation process” section of the JCQ guidance.
iv) Complete the previous grade attainment form (link below) and upload the supportive documents (as outlined on that form).

Practically, our ability to offer these assessments is limited by both tutor availability and the range of subjects they offer (see Appendix 1). Please note that we can only offer these assessments on a first come/first served basis and that we will not be able to book or organise them until payment has been received. In line with the strict regulations, please note that our tutors will not be able to disclose the grades they are considering submitting with either you, your tutor or a family member.


Details and subject availability on request. The fee for assessment is £450. Please enquire at assessment@campbellharris.co.uk


If you do not want to take advantage of the above option (or we become too full and cannot offer this to you) as outlined in our recent e mail, the default position is to move your exams (“Option 2 – Withdraw and move”) to the next available session: the Autumn session that the Government have proposed but which has not yet been timetabled. Alternatively, we can move your exams to another session if you make this clear in your e mail – if you have not already done so, you must email our exams officer (caleb.smith@campbellharris.co.uk) by 8th May at the latest to request “Option 2 – Withdraw and move”. As outlined in our recent e mail, if students do not contact us by 8th May, we will remove their exam entries and move them to the Autumn session automatically.


We would like to let you know that we understand how upsetting it is for students to have worked so hard for exams only for them to be cancelled and wish you and your loved ones well during this unprecedented time.

Best Regards,

Mark Harris
Head of Centre

Appendix 1

The subjects we are intending to offer assessments for include:

Accounting, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Economics, English & English Literature, French, History, Mathematics (& Further Maths), Politics, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, & Spanish.

Please email us immediately (assessment@campbellharris.co.uk) if you want to book assessments – although the deadline is 8th May it’s first come/first served and we’re likely to be booked up before then.

Appendix 2

For those registered for exams with the Edexcel board, they have issued a letter to private candidates, a decision map, and a FAQ document that you can refer to (links below)

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