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AQA Practical Endorsement Courses

Campbell Harris can offer practical endorsement for new specification Biology, Chemistry and Physics A level qualifications. These courses cover all 12 practical tasks required by the board and can take up to 40 hours in total, usually spread throughout the Spring term.

Biology and Chemistry Practical Endorsement courses begin in early January; candidates will need to attend the college for two or three hours per week for a total of 15 weeks (with breaks for half term and Easter) until the endorsement submission deadline in May. During the course, candidates will complete the 12 practical tasks set by AQA under the supervision of a tutor. Candidates are expected to have covered all course material according to the specifications released by the board. Physics and further Chemistry Practical Endorsements will take place in courses of five consecutive days over the Easter break.

The new specification requires a lot of preparation; the 12 practical tasks would usually be completed during the course of two years. It has not so far been possible for us to develop a quicker way of completing these tasks than the formats currently offered.

Biology A-level
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Chemistry A-level
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Physics A-level
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