Languages and Humanities

Courses offered at A level:

Classical Civilisation, Critical Thinking, English Literature, Film Studies, French, Geography, German, Government and Politics, History,  Italian, Law, Media Studies, Philosophy,  Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Spanish – other subjects may be available: please enquire.

Courses offered at GCSE:

English Language, English Literature, French, Geography, German, History, Media Studies,  Spanish – other subjects may be available: please enquire.


Campbell Harris is traditionally strong in these subjects. The English Language and English Literature A level courses follow OCR specifications, but for re-sit and revision students, any combination of text and exam board can be taught. Similarly, we try to be just as flexible in Geography and History to meet the individual requirements of students.

Media Studies is a dynamic and practical discipline which takes as its focus the communication forms and industries, which are changing the landscape of human interaction and understanding. It is an increasingly important subject in a world where more and more of our communication is “mediated”. We also teach Film Studies, a highly creative A level where we look at the film industry
in greater detail than in Media.

Law is a straightforward subject for those who are logical, write clearly and retain information well. Our students have enjoyed much success with short intensive Law courses when they have been motivated to pick up another grade quickly. Government and Politics also fits this profile.

Recent students have enjoyed taking modern languages  – Spanish, French and German  – at both GCSE and  A-level.

Our Tutors

Claire Campbell (BA)


Mark Davis (BA)

English, Media Studies, Film Studies, Classical Civilisation, Religious Studies

Dr Scott Kelly (MSc, PhD)

History, Government & Politics

Sherrin Akar

French, German

Campbell Harris Private college