Studying at home

Staying focused whilst studying at home is tricky – here are a few pointers


Try to maintain a normal schedule

It’s hard when it feels like everything is different. It’s also very easy to stay in bed til 11 and then in pyjamas all day… but as comfy as that sounds, if it’s the new normal it won’t feel special any more. Get up, get dressed. Start your day with a plan. Work hard – but take breaks, just like a “normal” school day

Keep in touch

No we can’t physically meet up with anyone at the moment. But can you imagine lockdown before the internet – before social media and facetime?!?! Organise nights in, play games – whatever floats your boat.

Get some sunshine

Easier said than done – but we are allowed out. The air is oddly fresh, you can actually hear birds! Go get some vitamin D

Location location location

Try to find somewhere to work that isn’t where you do other things. It’s a general rule of using electronic devices but perhaps even more important now. If at all possible (and it may be that you are lacking a little personal space with everyone at home!) find a little area that you can use as your work/study space. Your brain will get to know that this is work time when you sit down and everything won’t just merge into one!

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